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Student Startups

Here is a list of some SDSMT student ventures

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During the 2018 / 2019 school year, Kayla Kassa and William Trevillyan won both 3rd & 2nd place and a total of $5,000 at both the SDSM&T Student CEO Business Plan Competition and the South Dakota Governor's Giant Vision Business Plan Competition, respectively. Their company, HomeMetrics, was a student startup that manufactured IOT sensor networks that monitor the health of homes by gathering data on the water and electrical grids of each home. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the data gathered allowed for proactive, predictive and preventative maintenance. Not only did their system prevent damage saving the property owner money, but it also allowed their customers to focus on enjoying life rather than worrying about the health of their properties.


Tornado Aerodynamic Solutions

Tornado Aerodynamic Solutions, LLC is a business that designs drag reduction products for automobiles emphasizing in the trucking industry, allowing truck drivers to save thousands of dollars per year on fuel costs. Their flagship product Twistec is a vortex generator that decreases drag by 15-20% and increases fuel economy by 7-10%. TAS got its start in May 2018 in preparation for the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Student CEO Business Plan Competition, placing 1st. TAS went on to win the SD Governor’s Giant Vision Student Business competition while being awarded the Braun Student Inventor Award as well. In total, TAS brought in $13,000 and a patent in prizes through the many competitions.


AmmoNyte Systems LLC

AmmoNyte Systems LLC, founded by Joey Brown, is a technology company in water management solutions that combines automation technology and data with a goal of improving water quality. AmmoNyte is a low-cost and scalable solution to water management systems. The system uses a proprietary chemical sensor utilizing fluidics and electronics to create an automated solution for water management systems. The sensor offers precise and accurate measurements of chemicals, within water, and makes them available to users for insight into their water systems. Data is uploaded to the AmmoNyte database for further analysis and enhancement of the automation system. AmmoNyte’s vision is to eventually manage and track chemicals within water systems globally.


Plateau EnergyFilms

During the 2017 / 2018 school year, Jenson Keller and William Trevillyan who won 1st place and a total of $8,000 at both the SDSM&T Student CEO Business Plan Competition and the South Dakota Governor's Giant Vision Business Plan Competition. Their company, Plateau EnergyFilms, was a energy-efficient window film manufacturer. Research conducted at Argonne National Laboratory was able to help them develop their core window film, PEF 70, which prevented infrared heat from passsing through windows during the summer while allowing transmittance of the heat during the winter saving their customers money.



InTouch was founded by five SDSM&T students who volunteered to create a website for a local charity in 2017. Afterward, InTouch pivoted by creating virtual tours for a local company. Now, InTouch is a contracting company that gets hired for web, app and augmented reality development. InTouch is expanding into Fargo, ND with two teams working in the Rapid City area. Their teams in Rapid City consist of SDSM&T students whom work part-time throughout their years at Mines. InTouch expects to expand even more over the next few years.